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Free Cars (and other stuff)

Advertise various products in the style of Mobile Handset adverts
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Proposal for a global campaign to advertise various other products the same way mobile handsets are pitched:


FREE CAR!!! $0.00 !!!

(tiny print) With a five year contract, permitting use on paved or dirt roads, for a whole 60 minutes/day at the amazingly low price of *only* $20/day! Gasoline and maintenance charges not included. Extra minutes only $1 per minute! (or see our other plans for higher usage discounts). Full daily fee due, even if never driven. Cancellation fees only $36,500, or less! What a deal! Some restrictions apply.

vladv, Aug 01 2008


       This exists pretty much as written. A sponsor makes available a vehicle, covered in ads, which the contractor is obligated to drive a certain amount.
phoenix, Aug 01 2008


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