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Friction Toaster

Rub till crispy
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Friction toasters are just like regular toasters, but on either side of each piece of toast is a stainless steel disc.

The axle is below the toast.

The toast is held in place by two wires, one on each side, which keep them from moving synchronous to the local space of either steel disc. These are positioned by regulators which keep them from stealing the frictative energy the toast enjoys.

The disc on the left, or front, of the toast, spins clockwise to the left or frontwise normal of the toast.

The disc on the back, or right, of the toast, spins clockwise to the right or backwise inverse normal of the toast.

Both discs rest lightly against the toast.

The discs are powered by a crankshaft that leads outdoors to waterwheel which dips into deep, roaring river.

Both discs are lightly clamped by sintered steel pads.

The friction of the pads, heats the discs, which accelerates the crisping process. This allows for crisp level selection without inducing toast lock.

The resulting slices are very smooth, crisp, and crumbless, ideal for dechunked peanut butter.

No electricity, copper, or wiring required!

mylodon, Jun 28 2008

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po, Jun 28 2008

       Toast this croissant if you can....[+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2008

       It's such a drag. (+)   

       I think you should go with ceramics. Materials with low wear and high friction co-efficients are out there, waiting to be made into toasters. Love it! [+]
4whom, Jun 28 2008

       //The discs are powered by a crankshaft that leads outdoors to waterwheel which dips into deep, roaring river.//   

       Okay. Seriously. What is wrong with electricity? Why do half the devices on here have some Rube Goldberg contraption powering them when an electric outlet would do the job?   

       Anyway I think this would just grind the bread into little crumbs, although they might be toasted. Croutons anyone?
Bad Jim, Jun 28 2008

       you could get your daily supply of iron.
FlyingToaster, Jun 28 2008

       hopefully not at the price of having one's teeth knocked out.
po, Jun 28 2008

       This could be an accessory for disc brakes, along with an engine based pizza oven and a muffler barbecue/smoker. All manufactured by Kramerica.
ldischler, Jun 28 2008

       funny, how you guys love the word *friction*
po, Jun 28 2008

       Something to do with knees.
skinflaps, Jun 28 2008

       and then he wrote //frictative energy the toast enjoys// and lost me
evilpenguin, Jun 29 2008

       I agree that this could well produce toast crumbs rather than slices thereof, but also that a pedal-powered, or maybe windmill-powered, toaster would be, metaphorically speaking, a deeply cool device in accordance with our concerns about peak oil. Moreover, the answer to the artic frangibility phenomenon would appear to be harder bread, perhaps of the type used to make croutons. And yes, i did just make up a word.
nineteenthly, Jun 29 2008

       which one?
po, Jun 29 2008

       Well here we incepitulate the macroistic proportionalism of caraplastic expondance to the vroom monosocket, with regard to the neonaxogren nistlification of course.   

       The short answer is "artic", though strictly speaking it's a new usage because of the lorry/truck thing.
nineteenthly, Jun 29 2008

       There is no need for the disks to touch the toast. The friction pads will heat the disk enough to toast the slice of bread, without rubbing the bread to crumbs.   

       I, for one, like the inclusion of the water wheel. However, I would like to see some sort of gearing and clutch mechanism included. I think a toaster with a rev. counter and drivetrain is a must for every household, if a river runs through it.
4whom, Jun 29 2008

       If it had a reverse gear, would it freeze bread instead?
nineteenthly, Jun 29 2008

       // if a river runs through it. //   

       Will this not have a tendency to make the bread soggy ?   

       Electric toasters work primarily by radiation rather than conduction; and oven will bake bread, producing melba toast or rusks (yummy). So the bread needs to be suspended out of contact with two hot surfaces, but not so hot that the surface of the toast charrs.   

       Using direct flame contact heating of bread will char the surface but not make nice toast.
8th of 7, Jun 29 2008

       Good points.   

       However, I think there needs to be conductive or frictative energy transfer.   

       This would speed up the toasting process -- so the discs do not need to be so hot, for so long.   

       It might additionally be possible to install a butter grinder on the axle; as each revolution commences, a butter slice is chewed forth from the butter stick; it drops into the axle which has an internal funicular shape; the butter then spins round and round and faster and faster until it reaches the disc, and which point it spreads throughout spiral channels in the disc, and emerges out small holes, just as the toast has been adequately warmed by the discs.   

       Then the discs clamp together, and powerful frictation begins, the butter coating the slice like silver grease, the sintered steel pads clamping down even tighter, delivering a charge of heat energy directly to slice, crisping it, and buttering it all over.
mylodon, Jun 30 2008

       If the distance between the plates and the toast is d where äd -> 0, then there will be no significant difference in toasting time if the system is non-contact.   

       The butter idea is good but needs to be used only at the end of the process, otherwise it will act as a lubricant; and will preferentially absorb heat energy. You'll get butter-fried bread instead of toast..........   

       <short pause>   

       DO IT ! DO IT NOW !
8th of 7, Jun 30 2008


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