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Half Baker – Half Toaster

Bakes and toasts your bread, slices at a time
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This one or two slice baker-toaster is ideal for the compact living, city single. Wake up to the aroma of a freshly baked slice of bread and bite into a piece of crispy toast. No stale half loaf to consume or throw out and no extra appliance that takes up counter space.

The basic machine is a double slot toaster with its usual function. By lowering one or two narrow bread pans with the correct amounts of flour, yeast and water/milk, lowering the bread machine unit and setting its timer, one starts the automatic mixing, kneading, rising and baking cycle. In less than an hour, each slice is raised from its pan as a tiny band saw slices away the broad, side crusts.

Bake your own slice and bite into fresh-from-the-toaster-and-oven bread just once, and you’ll never go back to store-bought bread.

FarmerJohn, Aug 31 2002


       <Hands>one half-baked, half-toasted croissant to FarmerJohn.</Hands>
thumbwax, Aug 31 2002

       Dangerously close to existing bread makers. Just set the timer to run for half an hour more than recommended and it should produce a whole loaf of toast...
namaste, Aug 31 2002

       Handheld sandwich grillers of the 1970s came remarkably close to this idea. Croissant if you create a no-flake, non-stick coating for the “Bread Burpster”.
reensure, Sep 01 2002


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