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Fructose Protection Program

substantially diversified locational "greenhouses" for the protection of endangered common food crops.
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The common Banana, it seems, might be on it's last fingers. Should diseases from major growing centers reach the other two continental growing centers as it did in the past, the common banana will become only a memory.
As read, the currently common banana is but a pale shadow of its commercial ancestor of only 50 years ago. It succumbed to a disease quickly in the 30's? generating the play "Yes, we have no bananas".

There are adequate underground spaces capable of growing pure genetic strains without interference from disease as entrance/exit protocal can be uphealed.

Who knows what will be the next important food crop to be endangered, but should we set up a system for the protection of this first one, we might could save them all.

Zimmy, Aug 16 2005

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       Halfbaked Idea, [Zimmy]?
reensure, Aug 16 2005


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