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Fu Lu Shou Xi Cai He Ai Mei Ji De Staples

Like the little grains of rice
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I was thinking about those little grains of rice, with tiny good luck symbols engraved on them.

If someone engraved little good luck symbols on the staples, you could spread a little fortune around your cubicle.

Or vice versa, you could get some with evil bad luck symbols engraved on them and send them to your boss.

DesertFox, Nov 28 2005

10 Chinese symbols for good luck http://chinesecultu...tp_luckysymbols.htm
Hence the name of the idea [DesertFox, Nov 28 2005]

Religious Symbol Screwheads Religious_20Symbol_20Screw_20Heads
Similar concept. [Minimal, Nov 28 2005]

Buddhist prayer wheels http://www.dharma-h...-prayer-wheels.html
East meets West: print prayers on modern mechanisms that turn. [luxlucet, Nov 28 2005]


       You'd need special fat staples, just so you (well, I) could see the symbols, but, hey, croissant from me.
DrCurry, Nov 28 2005

       I like the bad luck staples, heh...how delightfully passive aggressive! [+]   

       "Gee, Bob, ever since that meeting Zuzu held last week I just can't catch a break." "Hey, ya know Stan, me neither."   

       <Zuzu grins in the next cube over> Mhua ha ha haw!!! Eeeeexcellent.
Zuzu, Nov 28 2005

       Does it bring you bad luck if you jam a good luck staple in the stapler?
wagster, Nov 28 2005

       Not as much, I guess, as stapling your finger with one.
DrCurry, Nov 28 2005

       That might give you a lucky, but bleeding, finger.
wagster, Nov 28 2005

       That's not what anyone who has ever stapled their finger will tell you, in between swear words and cries of pain.
DrCurry, Nov 28 2005

       Related idea: print buddhist prayers on mechanical objects that turn, such as fan belts, cam shafts, jet turbines, tires, etc. Buddhists have long used prayer wheels to, um, "purify" themselves and "accumulate merit" (see link). Given the speed at which the common gas engine runs, a trip to see granny could undo any amount of evil. Rodent exercise wheels might also be used for this purpose. Pray, Fluffy! Pray!
luxlucet, Nov 28 2005

       excelent idea, [luxlucet] and you, [desertfox].
zeno, Nov 29 2005


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