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Full Disclosure

I need a drug test to stock shelves, what about elected officials?
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Why is it that in order to get even a menial job doing manual labor, an employer needs to pull a credit report, verify references, do a drug test, and even in some cases assess my mental health and capacity? I think that before primary elections are held, candidates should undergo rigorous screenings that include drug tests, IQ tests, personality tests, background checks, posting of college transcripts, and the verification of personal and professional references. All this data should be shared with the public to allow them to make an informed choice.
larrytharpe, Jun 02 2001

(?) Lori Z on privacy http://home.flash.n...osielor/privacy.htm
Don't get LoriZ started [LoriZ, Jun 02 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Where do you live that the media doesn't try to dig up dirt on the candidates?
bookworm, Jun 02 2001

       I suspect that dropping a urine for an employment drug screen is a bit like submitting to the hernia grope test, once you've done it you can forget about that political future to which you may aspire.   

       Careers not otherwise noted would be unaccommodating of such a lickspittle.
reensure, Jun 03 2001


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