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Full length alliteration

Example follows:
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The Times (or, if you're American, you may prefer the New York Times) commissioned the construction of a table, in the shape of a diagonal cross ("X") upon which was engraved an array of small consecutive multiplicative sums.

What was this object called?
What was the array called?

Loris, Nov 25 2008

Are mobile phones wiping out our bees? http://www.independ...ur-bees-444768.html
[zen_tom, Nov 25 2008]

Wooden Furniture http://www.moderndo..._32&products_id=340
Can you believe this is priced at $399? [zen_tom, Nov 25 2008]

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo http://en.wikipedia...alo_Buffalo_buffalo
[zen_tom, Nov 25 2008]

Torpenhow Hill http://www.thecumbr...enhow/Torpenhow.php
The name means Hill hill hill Hill. Not quite the same as this idea but a fine example of linguistic redundancy. [DrBob, Nov 25 2008]

Mmmm....stollen http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stollen
[zen_tom, Nov 26 2008]


       A (New York) Times (Times Table) Table?   

       Similarly, another piece of furniture, made from un worked sections of tree-trunk (none wider than 20cm diameter or so), sporting lists of numbers, the values of which describe a number by which another must be raised in order to result in some other, common number.   

       Or a hung ornament, sporting a number of point-to-point communication devices, that is capable of moving around the house - [edit] But which can also be used as a single means of contacting someone, assuming you know their number?
zen_tom, Nov 25 2008

       //Or a hung ornament, sporting a number of point-to-point communication devices, that is capable of moving around the house//
An ambulatory walkie-talkie picture frame?
coprocephalous, Nov 25 2008

       //another piece of furniture// Log lamp?
csea, Nov 25 2008

       How about a collection of sea-going creatures known for their diamond shaped bodies, in such a formation, that it might look as though they were being projected from a single point source. Not only are they positioned slightly higher than everything else, but they are also looking for a 10% increase in their salary - their only jobs are to clean data from hard disks and remove pencil marks from scraps of paper they are sent. They find themselves encased in a huge dried grape.   

       [Loris] am I on the right track, or am I missing something?
zen_tom, Nov 25 2008

       Perspective parallelogram porpoise?   

       I don't really know what's going on...
theleopard, Nov 25 2008

       A ceramic model of the most populous nation on Earth.
hippo, Nov 25 2008

       Oh... China China.
theleopard, Nov 25 2008

       zen-tom, I was a bit perplexed for a while as to how you could both give a wrong answer "Times Table" (I see you've edited it now) while suggesting another example which appeared to be valid... can I log you as tabling a log table log-table ?   

       I'd have said the object given in the main example would be a Times times times-table table, and the array would be referred to as the Times times table's times-table.   

       You'll have to help me with your second and third examples.
Loris, Nov 25 2008

       A mobile mobile phone phone mobile phone, and   

       A raised array of erasing rays arranged in a ray, asking for a raise, in a raisin. (Not the same pattern, so it probably doesn't really count)
zen_tom, Nov 25 2008

       Damn! I was so close!
theleopard, Nov 25 2008

       mobile mobile mobile, raised erasing enraisined ray ray - hurray! [edit: - Damn, [zt] gave the answers while I was typing]
hippo, Nov 25 2008

       Incidentally, I didn't really mean for the game to be one of solving an obfuscated description - although that's fun in itself. I just liked the idea of building up as long a series as possible.   

       So it would be perfectly fine to say:
Have you appreciated the sine wave that the movement that the point that the feather that the tip that the wing that the swallow has has has has has has?
Loris, Nov 25 2008

       -Purchasing a slightly used smallest clock arm but not first.   

       Sorry [hippo] - didn't mean to spoil it - I quite like this game - but it looks like it's been played before - see "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" [link] which also references such happy sentences as "Fish fish fish fish fish"   

       Going to try and think of some more of these now...(or at least things that are sort of closeish)   

       [2 fries] Second second second?   

       [edit] "a number of horse-drawn vehicles carry tv connectors"   

       "drug-crazed boulder ritually executes granite book"
zen_tom, Nov 25 2008

       Second hand second hand second.   

       [edit] it could have been in the shape of a pointed finger making it a Second hand hand second hand second.
theleopard, Nov 25 2008

       Mount Mount Fujiyama.

Where's yamahito when you need him, eh?
DrBob, Nov 25 2008

       //solving an obfuscated description // [marked-for-tagline]
csea, Nov 25 2008

       What about a small backless seat made from compacted dry shit?
Jinbish, Nov 26 2008

       A stool stool?
theleopard, Nov 26 2008

       And what if somebody took that object without your permission(in the past), and then incorporated it into a sort of German fruit-based bread-cake?   

       Similarly, they could plan to appropriate it and use it during the forging process to alter the property of their iron alloy.   

       Alternately they could pinch this object and weave it into a sort of furry scarf commonly sported by the wives of Russian oligarchs.
zen_tom, Nov 26 2008

       A stolen stool stool strudel?
theleopard, Nov 26 2008

       a stolen steel stool stool Stollen stole? (strudel)

Perhaps a linear record of a leaning Hungarian composer, first name Franz, noted not on paper, but braided wire, written in the second oldest high-level language still in use today? (alert)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 26 2008

       I didn't get 'appropriate' for a second.   


       //List listing Liszt list LISP // You missed "litz"
coprocephalous, Nov 27 2008

       A long recital from groups of animal babies, often unwanted, and piles of plastic bottles, thrown aside in the excess of language mutilation?
mylodon, Nov 27 2008

       I've always wanted to be appointed to a fixed-position depot of office supplies for the purpose of broadcasting information about the Roman Catholic Church. What a position in society that would bring!
theleopard, Nov 27 2008

       I have always wanted a portable illumination device that is on, if I disembark without my diet beverage.
4whom, Nov 27 2008

       //What about a small backless seat made from compacted dry shit?//   

       What about a wanker's fashioning of another wanker's devices that fix the above mentioned seat?   

       A tool tools a tool's tools for stool stools.
4whom, Nov 27 2008

       [theleopard] A stationary ([edit:] station) stationery station station station. What a station.
4whom, Nov 27 2008

       //I have always wanted a portable illumination device that is on, if I disembark without my diet beverage.// - I have one of those, but it's a bit heavy.
hippo, Nov 27 2008

       //"a number of horse-drawn vehicles carry tv connectors"// carts cart scarts   

       //"drug-crazed boulder ritually executes granite book"// stoned stone stones tome   

       //I have always wanted a portable illumination device that is on, if I disembark without my diet beverage.// A lit light that lights when you Alight sans Lite?
zen_tom, Nov 27 2008

       A light light alight, alights a "lite" light alight.   

       still struggling with [mylodon]'s. I am thinking tres, tray, stray, trash, although could be going pet, PET,
4whom, Nov 27 2008

       No - it's something to do with "litter".

An easy one: An ignorant, yet pleased-with-itself, tea-drinking vessel.
hippo, Nov 27 2008

       //A lit light that lights when you Alight sans Lite?// Or if you're on a small river barge, "A lit light that lights when you Alight a lighter sans Lite?"
coprocephalous, Nov 27 2008

       <slaps palm to forehead> Thanks [hippo]!
4whom, Nov 27 2008

       Little littered litter that litters liters, literally litter literarily?   

       Poetic reference to a mosquito not notorious for malaria transmission on a grandma called Anna. Oddly, I came up with this late last night, _before_ reading this post. It doesn't quite fit the description but is similar.
spidermother, Nov 28 2008

       No bites? Anon on a nan Anna a non-Anopheles.
spidermother, Dec 02 2008

       I'm sure you could squeeze "onan" in there, if you tried, [spidermother]
coprocephalous, Dec 02 2008

       A tuneful exclamation by a male of the Middle East upon finding himself amid the Viet Cong.
theleopard, Dec 02 2008

       [hippo] has your self-satisfied beverage container ever been accosted and had to hand over its valuables on threat of violence?   

       [theleopard] - don't know, but hopefully it's got nothing to do with the Prince of Wales' supply of Cocaine (specifically, a particular stash located in a small Lancastrian constituency - represented by Lindsay Hoyle MP) notable for providing the aforementioned King-in-Waiting with a notably jolly demeanour.   

       Oh! Is it "'Ho Chi Minh!' said the Oman Man?"
zen_tom, Dec 02 2008

       No, no, nothing to do with cheery Charles' Chorley Charlie.
theleopard, Dec 02 2008

       //you could squeeze "onan" in there// Yes, but he'd just pull himself right out again.
spidermother, Dec 24 2008


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