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Furniture Bookmarks

Life-sized, lightweight "dummy" furniture for planning a room's layout.
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Furniture placement can make or break a room, but most furniture is too big or heavy to make experimentation practical. You could try sketching out new ideas, but what works on paper might not work in real life. How many times have you moved and just put the couch and TV wherever they'd fit, because you were too tired to plan?

Furniture Bookmarks are life-sized and inflatable, and shaped roughly like couches, chairs, etc. They allow you to quickly and easily play with the layout of a room (or your whole house!) without throwing out your back - or even working up a sweat. You can rent as few or as many pieces as you need, decide where eveything should go, and make your next move a lot easier.

redshift9, Nov 30 2000

Waterware Inc. http://www.waterwareinc.com
Www.waterwareinc.com offers wholesale shower curtains, wholesale placemats, and wholesale inflatables for the hospitality and interior design industries of the global market place. [hhorner, Oct 17 2004]

Tiny-Bits http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Tiny-Bits
miniature version [krelnik, Oct 17 2004]

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       Excellent idea! I know I would try to be first in line for this. The husbands of the world would declare you ruler of the world for this.
chili2k, Nov 30 2000

       I'd probably just do away with furniture and use the air bags instead.
AndyShilliday, Nov 30 2000

       Yes -- why fool about with lightweight, easily replaceable placeholders when you can skip home with a few 400-kilo, $5000 sofas and just shove those around?
Monkfish, Dec 01 2000

       good idea, but, i dont know how long it takes everyone else to move into a place. i moved house recently and the removal people dont hang about. unless you pay them more, which would be a waste of time because then you might as well have bought the real furniture and not bothered with the fake ones. but id like a huge comfy inflatable sofa in my room anyway
Scarth, Apr 01 2001

       waugs-- i imagine if it were inflatable, the furniture could be deflated for storage? .... <tangent> ravenswood: i'm reminded now of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency... hm, I think I know now what I'll reread instead of doing my homework *g* </tangent>
Urania, Nov 13 2001

       One of the best Ideas I have ever heard. Would the furniture be self inflating though?
xnihilo, Jan 23 2003


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