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Virtual House Mapping Utility

Creates A 3D Replica Of A House
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Walk around your house with this utility and it will take measurements and record the layout and objects in every room. The thing will be a ball on the end on the end of a rod which uses sonar and infared to detect and record everything about your house. Then you could upload the 3D replica to your computer and the possibilities are endless. If you are thinking of remodeling a room you could experiment with different wallpapers or you could move windows and doors around (The utility would include a powerful CAD type program to which the device is compatable). For creating video games, say an RC race simulator, you could possibly make a custom track by setting up cardboard or wooden props (supposing game creators will realize the awesome possibilities of such a device and make games that are designed to be compatable, of course you would have to designate which objects are floor and which are walls). They could even create a simulation program where you upload the 3D model of your house, add color and characteristics to certain objects, and use an array of items (sledgehammer, dynamite, bowling balls, etc.) to convert your house to ruins. ex. once you designate what is a window, you hit the window with a bowling ball and it shatters like a window would. Or you could use the same program to build onto your house, but blowing it up would be more fun.
freezedcheeze, Sep 26 2001

3D house designing http://www.visualhome.com
more of the same [po, Sep 26 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I bought a CD today to do just this - well to help me decorate; not blow the house up or anything. Something is not working right and after I finished designing it - I have a 3D version of my house just going round and round and round and round to some bright and cheerful music. I think I've been done.
po, Sep 29 2001

       It's not a bad idea, actually, up to the end; but boned for deleting annotations.
StarChaser, Sep 30 2001

       Something similar was introduced in the pilot episode of the US TV series "Alias", where the series' heroine (grad student by day, double agent by night) uses a device disguised as a lipstick to measure the inside of the room it's activated in.   

       The device casts a fashionable grid of laser vector graphics on the walls around it, which might actually be functional - there are 3D scanners that work by filming a line they also write, although they're still significantly larger than a lipstick.
jutta, Oct 01 2001


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