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Furniture transportation assistant

A device to help transport furniture
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When one wants to move furniture that is larger than one person can lift, and there is no one else around, one has no method of moving it, short of demolishing the furniture, and moving the chunks. I propose a device that would clamp on the other side of the furniture, and extend down, like a car jack. It would have wheels on the bottom, and effectively replace the need for a second person. One could hold up an end, and push. The one set of wheels would allow for easy pivoting, enabling one to navigate with ease.
sab8823, Jan 08 2006

One person moving dolly http://www.vandakin.../us-shop/index.html
Click on #5, then #9 details. [Shz, Jan 08 2006]

Moving Men Furniture Sliders http://www.amazon.c...9?v=glance&n=284507
As Seen On TV! [migennes, Jan 08 2006]

Transom Wheels http://www.davisnet..._marine.asp?grp=mo5
Try these [csea, Jan 18 2009]


       When you go to buy the hardware for this, look at the jacks on the sides of campers - the ones that fit inside the bed of a pick-up truck. Designed to let you lift a heavy and very large object up.   

       Also consider the jacks used on the tongues of trailers - they already have tremendous mechanical advantage and they come with wheels on the bottom.   

       But the coolest way I know of to move heavy objects (over a smooth surface) is with an inverted air table. Like a section of an air hockey table, there are pads that you connect to an air compressor and they can levitate many hundreds of pounds on a cushion of air and be maneveured with slight pushes. Be careful though, you have mostly eliminated friction, but it will still have all of its momentum if you get it moving.
DavidinKenai, Jan 18 2009

       Something similar is used to allow one person to handle a small boat [link]. With appropriate clamps, these could be repurposed for arbitrary furniture.
csea, Jan 18 2009


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