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GCHQ should help the French, for money

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News Flash: France Seems like one guy has got sentenced to 2 years in jail...for repeatedly visiting ISIS websites because....

"The law in question is Code pénal, arts. 421-1 to 421-6 and it clearly states that habitual access to websites that justify or encourage terrorism is considered terrorism."

So, from now on French spies/journalists/cops won't be able to check ISIS sites either, hence GCHQ should take over this function, for a modest fee.'

I'm sure it all makes sense to the Gallic mind...

not_morrison_rm, Dec 02 2016


       Perhaps one of the assumptions of the Napoleonic legal tradition is that it's OK if the government does it. Whatever it is. I'm simplifying, but I'm pretty sure there's an element of that.
pertinax, Dec 03 2016

       Does this mean I won't be able to visit 8th of 7's user page?
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2016

       Perhaps [8th of 7]'s kitten-execution videos should be marked as "Sponsored by ISIS".
Vernon, Dec 06 2016

       Hold on, so if I want to make content that anyone except the French can view all I have to do is burn a flag and screw a goat?
Voice, Dec 07 2016

       Phillips or standard head ?
normzone, Dec 07 2016


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