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Gag pregnancy test

Watch her surprise to find she is with child!
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Women often very worried that they may or not be pregnant. I know some who use over 20 instant pregnancy tests per year. That leads to a great and funny gag (actually quite cruel) which is to swap in a gag pregnancy test into the box of three with one that is going to turn the right colors or plus symbol no matter what state the tested urine is in.

It is likely to cause an end to any relationship that might lead to pregnancy but there are a lot of mean people out there and some people who deserve a tough prank to be played upon them.

dhousman, Oct 08 2004

(??) Play pranks on your friends http://www.strangereports.com/
I have a sister with OCD and used the Overdue Book. She went nuts, and then became angry. [Klaatu, Oct 10 2004]

(?) Gag Pregnancy tests http://www.trixiepi...regnancy_tests.html
"Scare the Absolute B-Jesus Out of Your Boyfriend / Professor / Cousin / Brother-in-Law with a Fake Pregnancy Test!" [Klaatu, Oct 10 2004]


       Act now and recieve our Gag Cancer Results as well as the fabulous Gag Death Notice for when dad's away in battle. Fun for the whole family!
Worldgineer, Oct 08 2004

       "...some people who deserve a tough prank to be played upon them."   

       Yeah, just like some who should be shot, right?
bristolz, Oct 08 2004

       If you had put this in the category "Home: evil" you might have gotten a better reaction.   

       Then again, maybe not.
krelnik, Oct 08 2004

       Here's my gag croissant: -
vigilante, Oct 09 2004

       Heart attack in a box greater than ANY BigMac. Enjoy the Fillet-o-fish.
Letsbuildafort, Oct 09 2004

       (-)...you want fries with that?   

       The instructions should read blue=boy, pink=girl, and red=devil child. The thing is rigged to always turn red. Now that's funny. green=extraterrestrial might also be funny.
GeorgeF, Oct 10 2004

       Funny as hell and totally baked <link>
Klaatu, Oct 10 2004

       Plug "Gag pregnancy test" into search and get back many hits. Some $3 and some $18.   

       Perhaps one that reads "Its a boy with three toes" would be a little lighter, obviously fake, and you could avoid having that bronze ashtray hurled at your head.
popbottle, Feb 27 2017

       And here's me thinking there's a subtle gag reflex intonation that shows if your pregnant or not.
wjt, Mar 01 2017

       I'm really surprised. I was convinced this was going to be about testing for pregnancy by triggering the gag reflex due to increased sensitivity to certain smells and flavours.
nineteenthly, Mar 02 2017


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