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Game Keys..

<-,->,up down, crouch, shoot...
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With games becomes more and more complex its natural that some games today have over 10 keys for game play. Now i know keyboard illumination exists and this uses the same technology. But what happens in this keyboard is that only keys used for game play are illuminated. Also if you are using two-player mode one players keys glow red and the other green. Now the only concern is killing those 10 zombies coming my way...
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 19 2003

Liquid Crystal Keyboard http://www.halfbake...0Crystal_20Keyboard
A better solution. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

(?) get past 245 and tell me how! http://www.gloeckne.../weihnachtsmann.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004]

//I want pictures!// http://www.geocitie.../santaisatosser.htm
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       Interesting approach, but I think a more general solution is needed to game key proliferation.
DrCurry, Dec 19 2003

       phoe, would that idea help gamers?   

       I like this idea, if I am reading this right, nom. I hope they automatically link to the game.
po, Dec 19 2003

       The red/green part wouldn't be too hard to do with LEDs either. A tutorial system could flash the lights under keys they are teaching you about too. I like it.
krelnik, Dec 19 2003

       Its a good idea, although not entirely usefull for games like flight sims where everything seems to do something but even pressing it doesn't let you find out exactly what.   

       Main problem is cost. I don't want to buy a new keyboard just for flashing keys.
RobertKidney, Dec 19 2003

       "phoe, would that idea help gamers?"
I'm thinking "Disable all the keys that aren't being used. On the keys being used, show a game function."
phoenix, Dec 20 2003

       [phoenix] now thats a very good enhancement of the idea.
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 20 2003

       He he. 255.6 [Po]
Don't click til the catapults pivot reaches the second iceburg's last peak then hold it down till the last second. <begins humming Eye Of The Tiger>

       Ha! 281.4!
lostdog, Dec 20 2003

       316.4 ... FINALLY broke 300!
Letsbuildafort, Dec 20 2003

       you're all winding me up - there is no fecking reindeer, gggrrr.   

       2 fries, did you see tonight's pop idol show with the prat that sings Eye of the Tiger! oh classic TV.
po, Dec 20 2003

       What happens when you cross the reindeer?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 20 2003

       very sorry nomadic, feel free to delete - once I have discovered the way to bang the mythological reindeer.
po, Dec 20 2003

       //It just stood there, blinking.//   

       I want pictures!
po, Dec 20 2003

       The reindeer stands there mocking me,
In exacerbated silence I see his demise.
That DAMN catapult, those DAMN elves...
Command me to jam out me fecking eyes!

       The music I just couldn't put up with.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 20 2003

       Any serious gamer that would buy this would at least know the layout of the keys he/she uses for gaming. While being entirely feasible, I don't think anyone, exept for newbies, would buy a keyboard like this. And there are enough newbies on the internet.
thelambs, Dec 20 2003

       I do everything I can to avoid Pop Idol Po.
If you clear the reindeer you get to slide a few extra feet in the sleigh.
I wonder what happens if it slides all the way to the pole?

I like the idea nomadic wonderer. Makes it easier to show the kids how to use their games, especially with Phoenix's lock out.

       Blasted!!! After at least 30 tries, I can't do any better than 333.9
KLRico, Dec 20 2003

       [po] you know i totally dont understand this sub culture that thrives here! i dont want to delete it.. its cool!
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 21 2003

       I have retired from this stage of the competition with 350.4. I have photographic evidence - which should satisfy the judges.
thumbwax, Dec 21 2003

       oh now i get it. i got a good score too. just dont remember where the dman link went!
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 21 2003

       I had a nap and dreamed of the reindeer. please someone send me evidence of its existence!
po, Dec 21 2003

       I'm giving up at 350.4, also. I wonder if it is even possible to slide past the reindeer?
Laughs Last, Dec 21 2003


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