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Garbage Truck Tracker

Don't miss the truck again.
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Large company tracks their trucks and includes clickable map on its website for customers to see where their truck is to avoid putting trash out too soon and having animals strew it about.
cudgel, Sep 03 2013

school bus tracking http://www.transfin...ol_bus_gps_tracking
[xandram, Sep 03 2013]


       Big Smelly Bun [+]
Grogster, Sep 03 2013

       They just announced this on the news for School Buses, so I'm thinking you have stolen this idea!
xandram, Sep 03 2013

       Baked In Fiction in the manga and anime Ghost in the Shell. I'm sure it would do well in the real world, at least the parts of it that have curbside pickup. I take my garbage down to the transfer station in my pickup once or twice a week, but that's country living for you. I can still go on the internet to find out when the station is open if I want to. They have their own website.
Alterother, Sep 03 2013

       (xandram) I don't get the news so Great Minds and all that.
cudgel, Sep 03 2013

       The link posted(school bus tracking) seems to be an advertisement by a company to sell their product to school districts as a way to improve efficiency, not to provide the public with bus locations. Not the same as the idea here which is to let the public know where the garbage truck is and gauge when to deploy their trash.
cudgel, Sep 03 2013


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