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Gas gun shipping

super fast shipping without causing fatigue to the postal service employees
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fire large payloads out of gas guns( with parachute)(FAA aprroved) acceleration very fast therfore only unsensetive products. humans are shipped in cryo status. paylods are launched to shipping stations landing fields. the paylods are sorted and delviered by hand. very large objects can be launced!

this makes overseas shipping easier. these stations will be as common as airports search for "The Jules Verne Gun" online

umm0i, Nov 27 2004

Missile Mail http://www.deadmedi...g/notes/15/154.html
Described on the site as "boy with hammer syndrome" [nineteenthly, Nov 27 2004]

Halfbakery: Ballistic Delivery Service Ballistic_20Delivery_20Service
Same basic idea. [jutta, Dec 03 2004]


       "unsensetive products"? I could be wrong but what is there that would NOT suffer from that sort of acceleration trauma?
James Newton, Nov 27 2004

       So this is some sort of a "Ballistic Delivery Service." It seems like a good idea.
swamilad, Nov 27 2004

       Surely this is madness. "Small farm destroyed by 10,000 Christmas cards. Hungover postal worker apologies to families of victims". Hang on I've had an idea...
weedy, Nov 27 2004


       Fruit cake?
bristolz, Nov 27 2004

       Loads of stuff. Anything powdery, anything fluid, large blocks of stuff that it doesn't matter if it breaks, such as resin. The USPS tried it with letters though and it didn't work very well. See link.
nineteenthly, Nov 27 2004

       [nineteenthly], I think that your annotation was pre-empted by the previous two annotations.
They missed out porridge oats by the way.
gnomethang, Nov 28 2004

       The last thing I got it the mail could be shipped this way: 3/16 neoprean.
my-nep, Nov 28 2004


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