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Gasoline Powered Turbo

Turbo that runs with a mini engine
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Why not use a mini gasoline engine to spin the turbo? Turbos are small in size so it only needs a small engine, probably smaller than a motorcycle engine. The turbo will never experience turbo lag because it is powered by a mini gasoline engine. It will get its fuel from the fuel tank of the car so there won't be any problem filling up the engine of the car and the engine of the turbo with gasoline.
WolfHound, Nov 06 2003


       What you're describing is pretty much a supercharger. Except rather than running it off your nice V-TEC you propose a small engine; small engines are less efficient and are notorious for polluting like the devil. In other words, a bad call all-around, I'm afraid.
TerranFury, Nov 06 2003

       Most turbos spin at 50k-100k rpm to produce boost, how will your turbo spin faster? gearing? you've got all of the weight of a turbo system plus an engine, why not just slap a turbo on the car and do it right?
maxpsi, Nov 18 2003

       So if my understanding is correct, this would be like a centrifugal supercharger attached to like a weed eater engine. Seems like a good idea at first: no lag, modular (easy install), even boost like a turbo system. However a little engine won't cut it. If you're making 300hp from a centrifugal SC about 30hp is needed to drive it. Reliable 30hp engines are not small.
SublimeGTP, Nov 20 2003

       Hey, Why Are We Still Using Piston Engines In Our Cars Again?????? Why use a turbo to increase the efficiency of an inefficient engine again????? Why not use a turbine in the first place?????? Turbos prove that we can do it, M1 tanks prove we can do it, WHY NOT!
fity, Dec 21 2004

       [fity], GM tried to introduce gas turbine cars back int he 50s, but they didn't catch on, largely because they have to be driven with an odd throttle technique to get decent acceleration out of them. GM forgot to tell anyone, and so all the testers complained they were too sluggish. Another good idea down the drain.   

       [Wolfhound], your idea is already sort of baked in what is sometimes called a "misfiring system". Basically, whenever the throttle is released, gasoline is rerouted from some of the car's cylinders and injected directly into the exhaust manifold, where it detonates and forces the turbo to keep spinning. Of course this sounds like your engine is about to self-destruct and it vastly decreases the life of the turbo and the exhaust system, but it's enough of a short-term advantage most turbo-using race vehicles, especially rally cars, now implement this system.
5th Earth, Dec 21 2004

       There are hand held propane turbines in Japan, producing 100-200 watts, suitable for robots, should be good enough for a car.
mensmaximus, Dec 21 2004

       Read SublimeGTP's anno above. Turbos need a lot of power. 200 watts won't even get you started.   

       [fity] Small turbines aren't efficient. They'll give you a lot of power in a small package, but they dump a lot of waste heat, even with regeneration. M1 tanks aren't designed for efficiency. There's serious talk of replacing the gas turbine in the M1 with a diesel, too - they are more reliable, simpler, less expensive and use less fuel.
david_scothern, Dec 22 2004

       It doesn't make sence, having to strap a 30 hp. gasoline engine on top of an engine. The cover is too glossy on this car magazine.
mensmaximus, Dec 22 2004

       The extra weight required for the smaller engine would cause a greater performance loss than using the big engine's exaust to drive the turbocharger.
nomel, Jul 15 2005

       I am doing this to my civic with a 40hp engine in the back. It should give be at least another 50HP in the engine. I do this not for the power but i have some tubing I want to trail down the side of the car and I need kind want it to have A purpose and not just be for show. Also With this set up it's like having a NOS button that you can hit WHEN you WANT the extra power and it lasts a LOT longer than NOS. This system is more for show and you do need a few other things but does work.
Gendoikari87, Sep 03 2006


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