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Celebrate long distance
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A large orange bucket of Gatorade poured over the head of anyone, anywhere, any time.
Giblet, Feb 07 2005

tango'd http://www.visit4in...ails.cfm?adid=10310
[po, Feb 07 2005]

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       [BlissMiss] I hope my category editing has made you feel better about me being up past my bedtime on HB :) BTW, It's only 7:32 pm here, so who's up late after the SuperBowl on HB wasting time when they should be sleeping?   

       Not I.
Giblet, Feb 07 2005

       I like it, [+], but only if it goes on the head of someone who has worked their way to nearly the top, and has beat a near competitor.
normzone, Feb 07 2005

       I might be happy to receive one on a hot sweaty day. But not anywhere, any time.
robinism, Feb 07 2005

       Might have some worries about legal issues...
submitinkmonkey, Mar 09 2005


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