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Note Goats

Goats carry notes from office to office then eat them.
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Trained goats go from office to office delivering messages to the first person they meet. Note stuck on horn. Once read, note is fed to goat. EEEhahaha, no more shredder needed.

Note Goats, cost efficient, cute and approved by Good Housekeeping.

blissmiss, Jan 31 2013

I wanted to link to Pedro the Office Ass, but it is no longer. office_20ponies
This would be the last known sighting. hmmm are all dead links to ideas prior to 2004 un-flaggable? [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 31 2013]


       Oh good, from the title I had pictured trained acapella goats. That would have been gruff.   

       Uhmm, Pedro was mine. Stil in wayback I think.
blissmiss, Jan 31 2013

       woop, let me just fix that up.   

       Thanks squeeky.
blissmiss, Jan 31 2013

       Goats are wonderful. I don't want one, but they're wonderful creatures.
Alterother, Jan 31 2013

       I gave the goat my note and then he ate my coat! [+]
xandram, Jan 31 2013

       Bun, but having goat poop everywhere sounds to me like Mediocre Housekeeping at best.
ytk, Jan 31 2013

       I like this simply for the inherent unreliability of the system that will always offer the option of deferring blame. Forgot to send a memo? You can always say "Didn't you get my goat note? Hmm. Sorry, don't know what to tell you. I put it on the goat and he walked away, I just assumed he was on his way to your floor and department. If the goat screws up you can't blame me." I can think of a dozen or so government agencies that would kill for this technology. [+]   

       (Great for delivering homework too)
doctorremulac3, Jan 31 2013

po, Jan 31 2013

       Damn, [blissy]! This is awesome!
UnaBubba, Feb 01 2013

       Easy install, but had some packet loss and delivery issues, need more RAM.
tatterdemalion, Feb 01 2013

       //...but having goat poop everywhere sounds to me like Mediocre Housekeeping at best.//   

       Ahh, that's where she gets you. She sells you a highly subsidized goat as a Capital Cost item but makes her real profit on her ongoing "Dung Beetles by mail subscription" which comes out of your Office Expenses budget which doesn't get the same oversight from the Accounts Dept. Cunning! [+]
AusCan531, Feb 01 2013

       A must have, for those governments with a Nanny State Dept.
UnaBubba, Feb 01 2013

       I forsee an ever ending office carpet pile of paper mache. +
skinflaps, Feb 01 2013

       Could there be Post-It Stoats for smaller offices?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2013

       Stoats are carnivores.   

       I think you're after some sort of beetle, [Max].
UnaBubba, Feb 01 2013


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