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Gentleman's Dissembler Hat

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Anyway, the Gentleman's Dissembler Hat, is a simple top hat (ish) with two mirrors, one mirror is set about mid-nose, and the other is like about 31 cm higher up. In this way, the face is concealed, and only the background can be seen.

I have to admit a certain amount prior art, as it was inspired by an old daguerretype (see link) of my great- grandfather Hamish Not-Morrison III, found in a tin trunk in the attic, but it might be useful in out CCTV everywhere enviroment.

Hamish was known as being crippling shy and always sought to hide his features in public. Having the genius for invention ,which has passed down to me in some modest amount, he found scarves unsatisfactory and decided to make his own apparatus, being a common or garden top hat, 4 mirrors and some brass struts he had reached his goal. Obviously, the mirror in front of the face has two ovals scratched out of the silvering, and great-grandfather always carried a weasel at all times for that purpose.

Regrettably, the trunk did not hold the diagrams for gait recognition scrambling device, I believe it was a small clockwork engine that connected with a pair of boots, raising and lowering the each heel by steam pressure in a more or less random fashion.

Endeavouring to bring a little rigour to HB, I have reconstructed his device

See Artist's Impression, link 1

See GIF animation of the mirror framework, link 2

As you can see it's a bit bigger than I had in mind, but it's only the prototype of course...

not_morrison_rm, Apr 17 2018

Artist's impression https://drive.googl...vqF0V0zGdrGZDJ4Rz2m
Link 1 [not_morrison_rm, Apr 17 2018]

GIF animation, sans black top hat outer layer https://drive.googl...NL6cVtsjLk3c5KDU3Jr
Link 2 [not_morrison_rm, Apr 17 2018]

The Son of Man https://en.wikipedi...wiki/The_Son_of_Man
"How'd ya like THEM apples ... ?" [8th of 7, Apr 17 2018]

(?) Privacy Hat Previous posting of same idea [notexactly, Apr 18 2018]

https://drive.googl...Z/view?usp=drivesdk The hat [not_morrison_rm, Sep 20 2020, last modified Sep 21 2020]


       Now, if it was a bowler hat, you could show an image of a large green apple.   

8th of 7, Apr 17 2018

       Somehow I expected this to be a hat which would automatically translate hexadecimal numbers into a more meaningful representation of the encoded program, being sure to use only the Queen's English throughout.
Wrongfellow, Apr 17 2018

       Looks great but I'm not clear what it's for (you didn't say), unless it's an aid for gentlemen from the ministry of silly walks who happen to have adopted a silly backwards walk?
Skewed, Apr 17 2018

       How does the gentleman see out?   

       {Looks at links}   

       Oh, right. So, the eyes are not concealed. It's a surrealist gentleman's burqa.   

       When the sun's not shining, people should wear lots of mirrors to recycle the available light. [+]
pertinax, Apr 17 2018

       Ahem..Looking at the OED definition   

       "dissemble (verb)   

       1 Conceal or disguise one's true feelings or beliefs. ‘an honest, sincere person with no need to dissemble’   

       1.1 with object Disguise or conceal (a feeling or intention) ‘she smiled, dissembling her true emotion’"   

       So, useful to anyone who does not want to be recognised, perhaps when visiting the bookies, or possibly an assignation.   

not_morrison_rm, Apr 18 2018

       [not], I think [pert] already had me with //gentleman's burqa//   

       //useful to anyone who does not want to be recognised, perhaps when visiting the bookies//   

       hmm.. I think not, walk in the bookies with that on & everyone will know who you are instantly, people who wouldn't have noticed you had you walked in normally will notice you & say "who the hell is that" to which those who know you already will reply "it's that berk with the silly hat, morrison_not" & then everyone in earshot (even those who somehow inexplicably fail to notice the arrival of the weird hat) know who you are too.   

       So at present it will actually tend to decrease not increase your surreptitiousness quotient.   

       [pert] was closer with his gentleman's burqa, it's like onion software, only actually works if lots & lots of other peeps use it too, you need to make it fashionable first so enough other people are wearing them for it to work.
Skewed, Apr 18 2018

       I prefer furry hats in Dessembler so my head stays warm.
bob, Apr 18 2018

       Surely a big hat and onions would be more conspicuous, even in France?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 18 2018

       My browser marks your first link as visited before I've clicked it—evidently you have indeed posted this before.   

       Ah: I found it. See [link].
notexactly, Apr 18 2018

       Thankee for that [notexactly] [1 bun somewhere], I have kludged them together in me own..{place holder where I find that bit in MP Holy Grail, where Lancelot's vassal helps him out with words}   

       Addition. Found it.   

       LAUNCELOT - No! It's not right for my idiom. I must escape more ... more ...   

       CONCORDE - Dramatically, sir?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 19 2018

       Yes, this the closest I could do hat- wise. Might try again, but it was too heavy on the neck muscles.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 21 2020


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