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Geothermal Venting

Active volcanos power steam turbines
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You build a airtight dome over the volcano and run water up to it and then run steam turbines of the increased pressure. Electricity from energy that would eitherwise be put towards helfire and brimstone raining down on you.
davidcreede, Jul 24 2003


       Could be dangerous for the people working on or at it. Some other people have figured that the ground near there can be hot fairly close to the surface. So what they did was pipe water 300 feet down and sent another pipe near there to pick up the water as steam. It worked.   

       You may want to choose another category for this idea, people tend to look badly on an idea just placed in the other category when it could feasably go someplace else.
sartep, Jul 24 2003

       This looks like plain old geothermal power to me.
bungston, Jul 24 2003

       I've alway thought that if we could just capture all the hot air around here, we could power a small town.
DrCurry, Jul 24 2003

       An airtight dome over a whole volcano? If you run the turbines for a million years, you might just about break even.
sandfly, Jul 24 2003

       You could use a small volcano. Ideas on how to keep it a small volcano?
lurch, Jul 24 2003

       I like your idea David.
BennyS, Nov 16 2003

       How about putting a heat exchanger like a big radiator over the top of it; because active volcanos are always changing, making it difficult to build on.
elvatoedwardo, May 12 2004


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