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Get Jiggy With It

I said "Step pause turn pause pivot step step", not "Step pause turn pause pivot step pause" !!!
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You've probably seen one of those interactive dancing games such as Dance Dance Revolution in which a player leaps around on a pressure sensitive pad following dance steps projected on a screen in front of them.

Now, combine this with it's obvious partner in pop crime: singing!

With the participant having to both sing and dance in front of an audience, this could be an entertaining and funny experience.

Plus, there are some songs which dancing pretty much go hand in hand, like "Grease Lightning" and the moving arm thing (you know what I mean).

mrkillboy, Jun 23 2001

Karaoke Revolution http://www.gamespot...review_6027768.html
Baked in November! [jivetalkinrobot, Oct 04 2004]


       And don't forget the maracas.   

       (Man, it's not like I can get _anyone_ else I know to set foot on my Dance Dance Revolution! mat. I doubt that making them sing will improve the score, but, hey, it would be cool.)
jutta, Jun 23 2001

iuvare, Jun 23 2001

       Maracas would be great, but it would be like trying to rub your belly, pat your head and jump up and down at the same time.
mrkillboy, Jun 25 2001

       I'm the nuttiest DDR fanatic in this joint; I'd definitely go for this. And I bet this would hit big with all those damn American Idol-watching tweeny-boppers. +
jivetalkinrobot, Aug 09 2003


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