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Get paid to vote on binding referendums

With a three strike addendum.
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I'm in great dislike of the popularity contest that is modern politics.
Why am I voting for people who can, (and do), lie to me?
I want to vote for ideas, issues, decisions, not for people. Con-men excel, and I should not as a tax payer be forced to either choose between them or forfeit my right to bitch about their decisions.
I have no idea who is greasing their palms and I figure you can't grease the palms of an entire people... without greasing the palms of an entire people.

Binding municipal, provincial/state, federal referendums.
Three strike amendment/addendum public votes.
Verifiable by pin number impartial third party counting of votes.



       //greasing their palms..   

       That's not a plug for flenting wax again?
not_morrison_rm, Nov 22 2014

       Sturton told me to avoid Flentishams. The old chap seemed rather emphatic.   

       I liked him.   

       It's easy to find and vote for honest, upright, truth-telling political candidates. They usually lose their depoits.
pocmloc, Nov 22 2014

       //Flentishams// sounds like a knock-off product to me. I'll get our legal team to look into it as soon as he's released.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 22 2014

       //They usually lose their depoits.   

       sp Dacoits
not_morrison_rm, Nov 22 2014

       Is your idea direct democracy then? Baked by the Greeks (and probably long before that, but my Euro- centric education told me it was the Greeks.)
DIYMatt, Nov 22 2014

       // as soon as he's released.//   

       He gets released?   

       //democracy then?//   

       I'm not sure. The meanings of words change so quickly. I mean large-ish groups of people making their own decisions but not by puppet-proxy.   

       Is that a layman's definition of democracy?
Cuz that ain't what we got.
Not sure of the word for what we've actually gotten, something like Conocracy I suppose. Like a forest of strings. Be a shame if'n the wrong one got cut. Noses growing all over the place. Snot flinging at random.


       //I mean large-ish groups of people making their own decisions but not by puppet-proxy.//   

       I think you might just be an anarchist, but haven't realised it yet.   

       Hint: does the following sound reasonable?

       What if you and I agree,
I won't rule you, and you won't rule me?
spidermother, Nov 24 2014

       I think I might be a minarchist. As long as the rules make sense, I don't see a problem with there being no need for a ruler.   

       Anyone who 'wants' to rule is not is not someone you want in the position to be able to do so.   

       I want that job like I want a third nut. Shit needs fixing.   

       Thanks for introducing me to the word Dacoit.   

       Q. What's the difference between a minarchist and an anarchist?   

       A. About 6 months.
spidermother, Nov 24 2014

       Maybe. I just know that my motivation is geared towards people other than myself. I'm not going to be here long enough to see the shade or fruit from the trees I've planted.   

       It is what it is.   

       //Anyone who 'wants' to rule is not is not someone you want in the position to be able to do so   

       Douglas Adams, and then Tom Holt (sans doughnut) who I'm sure had a pope or emperor in one story, but no one had ever told him about it, and they only held conferences with him when he was under general anaesthetic for tricky dental work and so on...
not_morrison_rm, Nov 24 2014

       Who gets to draft the propositions which the public will vote on? Will those people be elected? Actual drafting of laws is a fiddly business, I understand, even if done in good faith.
pertinax, Nov 24 2014

       //Who gets to draft the propositions which the public will vote on?//   

       "That" is how politicians will earn the multiple pensions I pay for but will never see.   

       Why not a wiki for drafting laws? Seems to work just as well for normal articles.
mofosyne, Nov 25 2014


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