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Giant furniture

Just like when you were a kid
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Make furniture, and fixtures, extra tall and large so it is like you were as a kid- hard to reach and get into....

You will need your Smurf stool to get a drink from the 55 inch high countertop & faucet.

The sofa cussions are at belly-button height.

Guys have to stand on their tippy-toes again to pee in the toilet.

Door knobs are 6 to 8 inches in diameter and require two hands to operate.

It would all be just for fun- Fun memories of kid life.

These appliances and furniture would be sold in a Franchise business, in a regular sized building, but with a BIG BIG front door

macncheesy, May 24 2004

Discovery Channel: “Big!” http://dsc.discover...ig/about/about.html
A new show where a team builds huge versions of everyday items. [bristolz, Oct 05 2004]

The Big Ikea http://www.keithrya...Images/bigchair.jpg
"... no, I don't think it's too bright for the living room." [k_sra, Oct 05 2004]

It's big, it's comfy, it's a couch. http://krazyscartoo...Couch/Pictures.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 05 2004]

Lily Tomlin on her rocker. http://www.allposte...84&c=c&search=13187
Or is that off it? [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 05 2004]


angel, May 24 2004

       I would guess that you recently watched 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'. Am I right?
spacemoggy, May 24 2004

       regarding "Eternal Sunshine..." - No, I don't even really know what the movie is about except for Jim Carey trying to look 20 years old.
macncheesy, May 24 2004

       Ah, apologies. There is a scene where Carey becomes a baby again, so all the furniture is very big. I really like this idea - it would be great fun if you had a whole house like this in a theme park. Have a giant-size croissant.
spacemoggy, May 24 2004

       Children wouldn't stand a chance in this place. Perhaps when they grew up they could have even bigger furniture that was totally unusable...
Thod, May 24 2004

       I give it a plus, but only if I can only get the giant soft cushion (mmmm snuggly) I have no use for more things I can't reach in my kitchen. OOH also do we need a giant house for this?
PollyNo9, May 24 2004

       Yeah- A giant house for all this is a must. Maybe even a genetically engineered Giant Dog to mall you when you come in the front door and drown you slobber.   

       THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. Kids could die in the sofa. There would be more drowning if they used the toilet.
macncheesy, May 24 2004

       NYC City Hall has (had?) an installation of a pair of oversized picnic tables by an artist who wanted the people sitting at them to recapture the helplessness of childhood. Works, too.
DrCurry, May 24 2004

       That's already semi-half-baked. Lego has extra large bricks for grown ups.
kbecker, May 24 2004

       There was a pub in London that had extra tall tables and stools. A long time ago, but I think it was near St. Barts. Hospital (perhaps because of the danger of falling off after a few too many).
Ling, May 24 2004

       Warning: this annotation contains pedantry and may not be suitable for those of a sensitive disposition.   

       Surely an appearance in fiction makes it half-baked rather than baked?
spacemoggy, May 25 2004

       NOT baked entirely. You could have this stuff for sale in a large franchise store. Yes, pun intended.
macncheesy, May 27 2004

       I could use an extra-extra large bed. One never has enough room to dream. (it's, obviously, a bed nobody wants to fall off).
Pericles, May 27 2004

       I think I once saw some old Lilly Tomlin skit with her in a huge rocking chair. Or maybe it was just a photo I saw. Can't remember.
bristolz, May 27 2004

       Yes, Lily Tomlin started that Edith Ann bit in the giant rocking chair many years ago.
Gromit, May 27 2004

       In general for sentimental reasons I approve of oversized furnishings. However, I don't think it can be classified as new enough to warrant halfbaking. Shopping for it must be a hassle... [link]
k_sra, May 27 2004


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