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Give yourself a ticket

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Here in Austin parking tickets are dispensed in bright yellw envelopes under your wiper... well one day I say one of those things blowing around the street and it dawned on me...

Next time I just have to park ilegally, why not just put the fake ticket on my wiper before the meter maid strolls by... then she might be fooled.

andrewkorbel, Aug 21 2002

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       Baked by a few hundred thousand people, including my elf.
thumbwax, Aug 21 2002

       Having a ticket already does not mean you won't get another one.
waugsqueke, Aug 21 2002

       ...especially if you want to take a date to a movie.
bristolz, Aug 21 2002

       Fishboned for fraudulent practice that may result in additional penalties. I don't understand why people continue to park illegally. There are reasons behind the laws.
XSarenkaX, Aug 21 2002

       I prefer to hassle cops that are writing tickets for another car.. walk up and act like you're about to get in and then get an attitude with him/her
"wha.. the meter's only a few minutes over. Are you trying to meet your quota for the month? Come on, meter maid- cut me a break already."
"You want another ticket, smartass?"
"Sure, officer. Bring 'em on. You can do better than two, can't you? Look, I parked over the line, too.. Maybe if you give out enough tickets they'll promote you"
Mr Burns, Aug 21 2002

       why do parking tickets bring out the very *worst* in people? <empathises with all these thoughts>
po, Aug 21 2002


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