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Exploding Traffic Wardens

A spray a day keeps the warden away.
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One big problem today is parking in a city without being visited by the wrath of the traffic warden. The warden population is exploding of late so what better way to ensure that the one's car can stop for more than 30 seconds withoug being marked than by exploding the warden?

Now enter new warden warder spray! The spray is a fine aerosol containing a fine mix of dilute nitro celulose and glycerine.

To use simply spray on the back of the offending warden while preoccupied, then retire to a safe distance. The mixture should quickly dry and crystalise so when they next bend over, or sit down, BANG! The back of their uniform will detonate leaving them exposed to the elements!

The warden will then be required to retire to a private location untill new uniforms can be aquired. Thus leaving the streets safe untill another day.

Bronzewing, Mar 17 2005

Freelancer, the game. http://www.microsof...m/games/freelancer/
A huge universe in which players take control of any ship and do pretty much whatever they like! Including trading, smuggling, pirating, bounty hunting, exploring, and pretty much whatever else! [EvilPickels, Apr 18 2005]


       I would've put this under public: evil, but that's just me.   

       What have you got against traffic wardens, anyway? Did they ticket your car three times or something?
froglet, Mar 17 2005

       Nothing personal against them, I don't even drive! I just figured it'd get a laugh.
Bronzewing, Mar 17 2005

       The whole "exploding _____" is SO 2001, Bronze.
AfroAssault, Mar 18 2005

       Bun. This is funny and might even be feasible. I don't recognise you [Bronzewing] even though you've been here longer than I have. I've a feeling that this might have been better received if it was from a better-known baker, though I'm open to being told otherwise (no offence intended to anybody).
david_scothern, Mar 19 2005

       I just like the thought of this going off in the restroom. Gives new meaning to the terms "explosive diarrhea" or "the screaming shits."
AfroAssault, Mar 19 2005

       Yes -- a War on Traffic Wardens! A+.
disbomber, Apr 18 2005

       On the server I play on, different clans wage war against other clans in control for their system! It's for a game called freelancer. It's an oldie, I just came back to it, but it is fun! I just can't wait to get homeand play straight for the next 6 hours. :D.   

       FN clan own theta and keeps waging wars against every other clan for control of their system! They blow me out of the sky every time I come near their dock. :D   

       Just being my nerdy self -- :D .   

       I think i will post a link to the game...
EvilPickels, Apr 18 2005

       How did "Exploding Traffic Wardens" make you think of that?

Whatever pills you got, I want some.
AfroAssault, Apr 18 2005

       Sounds like [EvilPickels] has cops to worry about outside of the traffic division.
disbomber, Apr 18 2005


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