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Glass Radiator Filled with Hundreds and Thousands

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In order for a Glass Radiator Filled with Hundreds and Thousands to work, one's central heating system would need to somewhat redesigned to cope with the introduction and subsequent circulation of the multi-coloured particles.

The next step in the process is the replacement of all the standard radiators with ones consisting of toughened hollow glass tubing, assembled together to perform the same function as that of the usual metal.

Once working properly, multi-coloured particles may be observed speeding along, through the radiator convolutions. Closer observation of these will reveal that they are tiny replica tropical fish of several varieties.

pst... no "radiator" sub-heading

xenzag, Jan 24 2011

Radiator_20lava_20display [hippo, Jan 24 2011]

Lava_20Lamp_20Patio_20Heater [hippo, Jan 24 2011]


       they'd melt!
po, Jan 24 2011

       Awesomely tacky.   

       How about globs of wax with under-lighting so you can pretend your heating is powered by lava from the Earth's insides?
idris83, Jan 24 2011

       ah yes - lava lamp central heating - now you're talking!
hippo, Jan 24 2011

       If there was a fine mesh screen on the inlet and outlet, the particles could remain captive within the radiator.   

       We too like the lava lamp idea.
8th of 7, Jan 24 2011

       They wouldn't melt as they are made from an anodised metal. Thought that was too obvious to include.   

       Also had thought of Lava-Lamp radiator long time ago, (pre bakery time) but never bothered posting or even searching as I was certain it would have been baked here.
xenzag, Jan 24 2011

       And here I thought this would be commentary on the price of heating oil.
RayfordSteele, Jan 24 2011

       //And here I thought this would be commentary on the price of heating oil.// So did I.
MisterQED, Jan 24 2011

       The problem with a fine mesh screen is that the water would have to flow back and forth which isn't how most central heating systems work, or the bits would just all accumulate on one side.
idris83, Jan 24 2011

       The problem with a fine mesh screen is that it's unnecessary. It says on the box that the central heating system is designed to work with anodised metal replicas of several varieties of tropical fish.
methinksnot, Jan 25 2011

       Yes, lava-radiator! Yes, fine-mesh screen! The flow could be set up so that there is a circulation going round inside, even though the net flow is in one side and out the other. Like how modern woodstoves recirculate the smoke into the firebox to burn it. (+)
afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 26 2011

       //water would have to flow back and forth// In my central heating system, there is a circulating pump which pushes the water around in one direction only.
xenzag, Jan 26 2011

       [+] You have such wonderfully creative ideas!
xandram, Jan 26 2011

       Thank you you for that most generous comment, which applies in equal measure to yourself and many others here.
xenzag, Jan 26 2011

       Which is it, candy or fish? Let's say fish. bone.
daseva, Jan 26 2011

       //Where's the sick bag ?// ov'r yer heed!
xenzag, Jan 26 2011


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