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Glasses Cell Phone

Combination cell phone and glasses
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Integrate a cell phone into a pair of eye glasses.

The phone microphone could be integrated into the glasses frames.

The glasses ear rod could have a piece on there for you to listen to the phone.

Additional phone operations could be merged into the glasses in a creative manner.

xmarcus, Oct 30 2003

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       Ithink someone suggested this before, though it might have been pooh-poohed for being too Wibni.
DrCurry, Oct 30 2003

       bit boring though...sorry xm..
po, Oct 30 2003

       //could be merged into the glasses in a creative manner. //   

       That statement makes me giggle.
Letsbuildafort, Oct 30 2003

       Perhaps an entire cell phone is a bit ambitious. Maybe just a bluetooth wireless headset? Seems plausible. Maybe halfbaked or even baked.   

       Welcome [xmarcus], long-time-lurker-first-time-poster.
half, Oct 30 2003

       Men seldom make passes
at girls who wear cellphones.
phundug, Oct 30 2003


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