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Hi-Bounce Cell Phone

Because you're going to do it anyway
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Have you ever gotten so mad after a cell phone call that you just want to throw your phone against the nearest wall? Say, for instance, that your mother calls again to remind you of your outstanding debt. Or your boss calls you at 11:00 friday night telling you he wants you to show up for work the next day. Repressing this kind of impulse is bad for your blood pressure. But submitting to the urge is bad for your budget.

The solution to our troubles is to begin to manufacture cell phones out of hi-bounce ball material. The phones would be almost indestructable, and would even return to you after you threw them!!

Plus, I don't have any quarters for the machine at the supermarket.

Overpanic, Jul 15 2003


       Or the phone could be constructed like one of those toy cars that explode into peices when they hit somthing hard enough, then you can put it back together and it works perfectly. A much more satisfying effect than your phone bouncing away over the fence and you loosing it for ever.
Gulherme, Jul 15 2003

       Fishbone for anything that prolongs the life of mobile phones. I say leave them as fragile as they are now but still throw them at the wall. With force. Use a catapult.
squeak, Jul 15 2003

       I'm happy with a cell phone that smashes nicely when I hurl it against the ground.
DrCurry, Jul 15 2003


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