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Glassy hats

Glassy comming through.
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In a bar there is not an unlimited supply of glasses, so there is sombody called a glassy who goes around the bar and picks up empty glasses and stacks them up his or her arm, this is very tricky without anybody around but when you are put in a crowded bar with 2 arms full of glasses disaster is inevitable, there are helpfull people who let you through, less helpfull people who get in the way and more commenly in a bar there are pissed people hassling you and knocking you over. Glassys need little glassy caps with a brightly coloured flag with a big G sticking up in the air so that people know that they are comming and to get out of the way. I imagine that this cap would be alot like an Australian beach lifeguard cap but with the addition of a flag.
Gulherme, Aug 09 2002


       You've seen jutta?
thumbwax, Aug 09 2002

       I am constantly amazed at the number of people who leave an empty glass on the table when they go to the bar for another drink. I fail to see the need for a flag though; as a teen, I worked in a local club doing this very job, carrying up to 67 pint glasses at a time, and managed quite well without one. (I also never heard the term 'glassy', but I guess it might be regional.)
angel, Aug 09 2002

       Moving through a crowded bar with a lot of glasses is quite dangerous. I would suggest a hole in the centre of each table; when you place a glass on the platform in the hole, it gently descends into the cellars and deposits the glass on a conveyor, then returns for the next one.   

       Or a little train, running on a track round the walls, with trucks with holes to accept glasses. Just push a button at one of the "stations" and the train stops so you can deposit your empties. Whimsical and entertaining.
8th of 7, Aug 09 2002

       In my experience, shouting "Gaunne bring yer f***ing glasses back to the f***ing bar!" works just as well as a glassy/pot man.
calum, Aug 09 2002

       Or you could integrate pneumatic tubes...with capsules, and high pressure pumps....um...maybe not...never mind.
BinaryCookies, Aug 09 2002

       hey, you might be onto something there: use soapy water in your pneumatic tubes, and by the time they get back to the bar, they'll be clean!   

       Now THAT'S what I call half-baked.
yamahito, Aug 09 2002


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