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5% profits go to a charitable cause
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The bar and nightclub business is perhaps one of the most saturated of industries today, yet it remains one of the most successful and profitable.

The idea here is to open a chain of bars where a percentage of profits go to a charitable cause. 5% may seem like a large figure, however average bars in central London (for example) turn over 5 mil + per year.

This roughly equates to: shitloads of profit.

If this cant be arranged (for whatever reason), then pricing models should be tweaked and modified to accomodate for this 5%. Highly unnoticable when the cheapest bottle of vodka costs in excess of 200 GBP

With the right marketing and location these bars could become the hub of all thats charitable in the business. Events could be hosted all year round, supporting causes such as breast-cancer awareness and aids day....to name just a few.

shinobi, Dec 23 2006

Ethos bottled water http://ethoswater.com/
a precedent. [Zimmy, Dec 26 2006]


       New invention: Justification for drunkenness: "I might be drinking my brains out, but it's all for a good cause..."
twitch, Dec 24 2006

       Often times charitable causes do care where the money came from. It would be in better form if 5% of the money went to the development of a program that kept drunk drivers off the street.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 24 2006

       how could anyone vote against this. If anything just stay neutral
shinobi, Dec 24 2006

       Do you think club patrons would be more likely to visit a "charitable" club?
emjay, Dec 25 2006

       // how could anyone vote against this. If anything just stay neutral//   

       I almost fishboned you just for that. People can vote whatever they want.   

       Like the idea though.
Trickytracks, Dec 25 2006

       I don't drink. That's how I can vote against this.
twitch, Dec 25 2006


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