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Glider Wings

Gas powered nylon wings mount on your shoulders.
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My neighbor rides his motorcycle around the neighborhood with this deafening buzz at the strangest times of the day. Paticularly the mornings after I've drank too much. I want to get my piece of this pie, but I'm not much of a cyclist. But I do like flying.

Solution: Noisy gas powered wings that will allow me to glide around the neighborhood while my neighbor tools around on the ground.

Method: The shoulder mounted wing assembly would house two "weedeater" engines. One for each wing, with the proper fitting to change the power output to air compression and release. The engines would be light enough, the power strong enough, and the wings light enough and large enough, that I would be able to jump off my roof and languidly glide around the neighborhood for, oh, say, three minutes or so, before cutting the engine and landing on the ground.

The flight would be a short slow glide, but it would be fun.

Putting these on would be like putting on a big coat with wicked shoulder pads and funky webbing between the arms and coat side. The wings would be seperate from the arm webbing, resting on top of the shoulders, counterweighted by the little engines over the shoulders. but this webbing would function as a control mechanism.

daseva, Jun 02 2005

Powered Parachute http://www.flycaste...it/para/voyager.asp
Similar, but you won't necessarily fall off your garage and die. [Worldgineer, Jun 02 2005]


       //gas powered//
Mutually exclusive.

       Otherwise, I like it.
Freefall, Jun 02 2005

       True... I guess its a hybrid.
daseva, Jun 02 2005

       This would be beautiful, but possibly not that loud. Why not take the glider out to a scenic mountain range for some real flying and just wake up your neighbour with an airhorn every now and then?
wagster, Jun 02 2005

       Enable you to fly?! I want one. NOW! Bun!
kuupuuluu, Jun 02 2005

       Motorglider: mutual exclusivity rescinded.   

       Why two engines? Better one larger engine than two, usually, especially if the thrust is generated off of the centerline.
bristolz, Jun 03 2005

       Two engines will provide an opportunity to balance and alter the overall thrust direction. There will be a throttle at both hands.
daseva, Jun 03 2005

       A single centerline thrust system will eliminate the need to balance thrust as well as the extreme dangers of losing a single source of outboard thrust--one of the most dangerous events in conventional light twin-engine aircraft operation. Especially on a craft with light wing loading like this one. Often, the only thing the remaining engine will do is "fly you directly to your crash site," (an old saying of twin-engine pilots).
bristolz, Jun 03 2005

       Wouldn't it need some sort of tail?
justaguy, Jun 03 2005

       No. Many aircraft designs have no tail.
bristolz, Jun 03 2005

       Then I like it.
justaguy, Jun 03 2005

       Hmm. the only thing is, The wings are going to be quite large, and i wanted the two engines to rest slightly in front of the shoulders to counterweight the wings so that you wouldn't fall over the moment you put the thing on. But, I trust your judgement, [bristolz], strange as it feels to do so.
daseva, Jun 03 2005

       Use the less free piston 'loudmouth engine' instead. Provides 120lbs of thrust each. Very lightweight and could lift you off the ground. It is a gas generator. It was put on a go-kart in the 70's and accelerated to 120mph without a drivetrain and only weighs 20lbs. Extremely, extremely loud.
danheathmoore, Nov 27 2007

       You mean a pulsejet?   

       Excellent. If you're after lightweight, moderate thrust, don't care about fuel efficiency and want it *really* loud, pulsejets are the go.   

       I'm not sure there are earmuffs available that will, at that close a range, allow you to operate this thing without permanent hearing loss.
Custardguts, Nov 27 2007

       No pulsejet. A hcci gas generator with only one moving part, a single drivetrainless piston.
danheathmoore, Dec 29 2007


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