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Gloves with fingerprints
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Beat crime investigation ... Dispose them after committing the crime ...
elmpower, Feb 07 2004


       I will vote for it, but need to buzz a button: Attention FBI!
zebra crossing, Feb 07 2004

       Gimme a pair, but are u sure this is the only set you have made buddy?
back-the-ripper, Feb 07 2004

       //but are u sure this is the only set you have made buddy?// Make many, many, many sets!! If a crime is comitted with the same fingerprints at the same time in NY, LA etc. (wherever ETC is) it will be impossible to enter fingerprints as evidence.
kbecker, Feb 07 2004

       As seen in at least half a dozen spy films.
DrCurry, Feb 08 2004


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