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Day-glo tofu
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This product would come in eye-catching colors that kids love. Fluorescent dye (edible) makes the tofu glow. Parents cut the tofu into cubes and heap them in bowls like Jell-o.(see link)

The boring details - Potable fluorescent dye is available (see link.) The dye would be added right in the tofu factory, so the dye becomes a part of the tofu.

Can tofu shooters be far behind?

I'd like to see a striped version too. This would require special tofu molds at the factory.

robinism, Mar 27 2005

Potable fluorescent dye http://www.riskreac...ter_Tracer_Dyes.htm
[robinism, Mar 27 2005]

Jell-o cubes http://www.shirleyq...cs/images/jello.jpg
This is the look we're going for [robinism, Mar 27 2005, last modified Apr 10 2005]

More info about day-glo colors http://www.dayglo.com/DOCS/about.html
[robinism, Mar 27 2005]


       Brilliant[+]! I'll add some of that dye to the rice at work and bring in some blacklights. It'll be psychedelic sushi night.
jaksplat, Mar 27 2005

       So what happens when...well...it takes the back exit? Does THAT glow?
AfroAssault, Mar 27 2005

       Groovy. So it can be done.
nineteenthly, Mar 27 2005


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