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Glue on nail touch screen stylus

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Touch screens. You need to use them if you want to be hip to this second decade. But as I suspect the majority of current halfbakers realize, thick, gnarled, aged fingers have a propensity to touch the wrong things. I am still talking about touch screens.

BUNGCO will nimble that finger right up. This swanky press on nail will fit the pinky nail of the stubbiest pinky and is colored an unobtrusive taupe. Affixed to the front of this nail is a rubbery nubbin, suitable for all your touch screen swipings and proddings.

With the accuracy of the Nail Stylus, there will be no more pressing the wrong letter and calling some random person. No more accidentally taking a photo of your thighs. No more losing the stylus into the urinal. No more map taking you to some accidentally pressed destination.

Well, probably some more of those things, but less of them.

bungston, May 30 2018

Like some of these? https://www.google....Jg&biw=1920&bih=956
Finger-mounted styli have been a Thing since early (resistive) touchscreens. [neutrinos_shadow, May 30 2018]


       [+] for the use of the phrase "rubbery nubbin".
MaxwellBuchanan, May 30 2018

       You seem to have dudded [bungston], [MB]; where's his bun? Or will BUNGCO's lawyer have to queue up at the Buchanan Towers tradesman's entrance, clutching her promissory note, along with all the other creditors?
pertinax, Jun 02 2018

       Apologies - the oven was on the blink again.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 02 2018

       // taupe //   

       I was going to call that caucasonormative, but then I looked up what taupe is, and it turns out it's not like the color of white people's skin at all.   

       // Well, probably some more of those things, but less of them. //   

notexactly, Jun 03 2018


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