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High durability control device for harsh environments (bars)
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A control device that consists of a depression in a piece of plastic (probably needs a drain hole at the bottom) that senses the position of your finger in it. Provides a 2-D control input into a computer (table top Quake anyone?) in a highly durable form.
cmcmanis, Aug 11 1999


       No they won't.
theleopard, Aug 10 2007

       Yes they will.
xandram, Aug 10 2007

       Well, they might.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 10 2007

       my finger got stuck. : (
k_sra, Aug 10 2007

       I've changed my mind. They probably will.
theleopard, Aug 11 2007

       I'm with [GC]. I think they might.
normzone, Aug 11 2007

       They won't. I'm telling you they just won't.
AllyAl, Aug 13 2007

       If it's in a public space, they probably won't.
5th Earth, Aug 13 2007

       It's been eight years now. Did they or didn't they?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 13 2007

       Possibly not.
theleopard, Aug 13 2007


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