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Godzilla Neutron Absorbing Dentures

Finally, The Cure for Atomic Fire Breath
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Godzilla has been terrorizing the populace since 1954. And in those 58 years on the silver screen, no one seems to have figured out how to disable his main tool of destruction; namely, his atomic fire breath.

Fear not, citizens!

Modern dental science coupled with current reactor control rod cladding and neutron absorbing materials may have found the cure!

Here's how it could work:

Godzilla is no spring chicken. Years of eating fish (and advancing armies, one would have to imagine), along with his steadfast refusal to floss, has taken its toll on his teeth and gums. Our best guess here at GROGco Movie Monster Neutron Absorbing Denture Testing Laboratory, is that he is long overdue for dentures.

When he goes in for the inevitable, simply replace the dentures he expects with a set of GROGco Movie Monster Neutron Absorbing Dentures. The teeth are made of a sturdy cladding, chock full of a boron based neutron absorbing material commonly found in modern nuclear reactors.

After that, the next advancing army need only prepare itself against movie monster bad breath.

Grogster, Oct 22 2012

Godzilla Atomic Fire Breath http://www.youtube....watch?v=TQjAu2KNbQo
[Grogster, Oct 22 2012]


       I imagine the moderator fangs would need to be retractable? Something Gojira could learn to do on his own, when he's up to legitimate Gojira business; but with remote override for when he goes on a downtown Tokyo-to rampage?
lurch, Oct 23 2012

       Hmmm... the problem with retractable fangs is that he doesn't seem to be able to help himself when he sees an airplane of any sort. Out comes the atomic fire breath! This would make travel abroad rather problematic, rendering him highly unpopular with flight attendants and unable to take advantage of some of the opportunities for working with American filmmakers, following in the tiny footsteps of actors such as Sean Connery or John Cleese.
Grogster, Oct 24 2012


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