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Good smell ticket discount

A mechanical sniffer allows passengersa to get a discount, if they smell good or not at all.
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Prior to boarding you can step into a "phone booth" that sniff s you and gives you a chit. Everyone gets a chit, but the good and no smell values get a discount. Maybe you turn it in with your boarding pass. Maybe the phone booth rats you out to some computer.

There are clear instructions posted on how to pass the test.

Just start using breathalyzer technology with BO (Body Odor) and heavy perfume, or awful deodorant sensors added.

Good for bus and train, too. Maybe start a in Japan where they hire people to push the last passengers onto the train. "You have a lovely smell comrade passenger."

Airplane would be a high status place to start, Make testing acceptable to the public.

popbottle, Jul 11 2013


       I'm glad you stressed perfume and deodorant. Clean, healthy, perfume-free bodies probably cause offense to the fewest noses. At least one choir I've sung with has a 'no scent' policy for performances, for that reason.
spidermother, Jul 11 2013

       Some people enjoy a sweaty, musky smell, so there is no clear definition of that which constitutes a "good smell". As a non-meat eater, I can always tell if I am in the presence of a person who eats a lot of meat, as they can exude a very distinctive stench. Smokers do likewise, and their sweat smells of the particular brand in which they indulge.
xenzag, Jul 11 2013

       In all honesty, someone who has been drinking alcohol SHOULD be taking the bus or train and not driving a car, so even if they smell yucky, they are doing the right thing. (and could qualify for a discount)
xandram, Jul 12 2013

       Some people just naturally stink. Too bad for them. [+]
Voice, Jun 05 2022

       There should be a rigorous course of shaving, anointment with a topical antibiotic and cleaning followed by application of a different bacteria that could make some people smell better.
Voice, Jun 05 2022

       +1 Bonus if you add one of those little rotary red gumdrop lights on top of the booth to alert the smell police. “Hands up mister...whoooooa damn...baaaad idea”...
ShawnBob, Jun 07 2022


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