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Google Ear Burning

Lets you know when someone is searching for you
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Google alerts you when someone types your name in.
JesusHChrist, Aug 30 2006

Do Not Google List Do_20Not_20Google_20List
[theircompetitor, Aug 30 2006]

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       Given that Google isn't sharing people's searches with the government, is it likely they will share them with the people?
DrCurry, Aug 30 2006

       Google "John Smith" <return>. <Internet crashes>.   

       I used to think that my name was unique. I've only met a few guys with the same first name, and never met anyone with the same last name that wasn't related. But when I go ego surfing, I find three other men with the same first and last, and only one reference to anything that I've done.   

       I'd only get a few false alarms, and I don't like this. Can we narrow down the criteria? Say, alarm bells sound when someone from the IRS Googles for me?
baconbrain, Aug 30 2006

       I'd have severely toasted lugholes - see the hits for PO.
po, Aug 30 2006

       //Given that Google isn't sharing people's searches with the government//   

       Oh yes it is.   

webfishrune, Aug 30 2006

       There are hundreds of me out there. Last time I tried a vanity search, I got bored and stopped before I found anything about me.   

       Are we doing Google ideas again?   

       Edit: Christ, [JHC]. You sure like this topic.
hidden truths, Aug 30 2006

       Baked! Google Alerts (It's there, in your idea?) - Simply set up an alert for your name. (I'm sure that there are others [non-Google], but I've never used them)
Dub, Aug 30 2006


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