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Google Map Street View tour bus

Join your friends on a virtual tour bus
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I suggest that Google Street View "meetings" be created to replicate bus tour routes (could be done with air tours too). Invite your friends (or get to know strangers) on a tour and all can talk and be guided during the trip with a Roger Wilco type application allowing online gaming style communications. Once a tourist destination is reached, such as a museum, the passengers could be guided to links with video or stills of the inside and outside of the stop. The "bus driver," familiar with the area, would designate a starting point and advise the passengers of what turns to take so all would be in synch. Schedules could be posted on a website with departing times and locations. An even easier methods would be for Google or others to produce "canned" tours with audio and video. New tour bus driver/narrator talent could be discovered. Lewd comments could be made at speeding/slow/lane weaving drivers. Catcalls can be made while passing by Paris Hilton's home while other partying passengers whistle at babes (or guys) as they pass by on the street (I know, I know, sexist statement).
Sunstone, Sep 16 2007

Google Maps Street View http://maps.google....lp/maps/streetview/
Google Maps Street View [Sunstone, Sep 16 2007]

Mission almost complished; I still want a point to point to point... street level tour. Recording, saving and sharing video and narration of a tour in the new Google Earth 6 http://www.google.c...learn/advanced.html
Taking virtual tours, a new feature In Google Earth 6 [Sunstone, Dec 03 2010, last modified Mar 11 2013]


       Did you know there is a flight sim in the latest version of Google Earth? CTRL+A to activate.
marklar, Sep 17 2007


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