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Google Translate Mouse Hover Balloons

Or Microsoft or whoever will make it a standard
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Word by word language translation so that you can point your mouse at a word and after one second the translation will pop up. This would make it easy to memorize vocabulary in a new language - by reading in your own language and getting the immediate translation of anything you don't know. Whoever makes this something I can download for free gets a big present from me.
JesusHChrist, Mar 28 2006

Greasemonkey translator (1) http://www.cs.wisc....elsche/toolTip.html
Some assembly required. [jutta, Mar 28 2006]

Greasemonkey translator (2) http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/1808
[jutta, Mar 28 2006]

babylon http://www.babylon.co.il
Great program [pashute, Mar 29 2006]


       Eu acredito que esta é uma idéia grande.   

       But what is this that this is that that? What good idea!
egbert, Mar 28 2006

       Translation doesn't happen word-for-word, but phrase-by-phrase, or even thought-by-thought oftentimes. Might be at least as effective as Babelfish.
RayfordSteele, Mar 28 2006

       Very nice, you may have one of my "special" croissants which I reserve for ideas that are actually good instead of funny and can be made without buying 5bn metric tonnes of latex/a satellite/Denmark.
wagster, Mar 28 2006

       not a danish pastry then?
po, Mar 28 2006

       Que buena idea. Dependiendo de donde busques, puedes encontrar traductores automáticos que son verdaderamente buenos. (Paint-on condoms by [AfroAssault] now only $19.95/dozen)
methinksnot, Mar 28 2006


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