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Google docs for students

Save google's business by giving universities what they need
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Then again it may cause Microsoft to fall, and we're back at square one from 2001.

As a student (yeah I know, I'm a little bit too old for this, but that's life. I decided to change course from IT, DSP and Cognition, and move on to linguistics and ancient writing) we have to read and write our assignments with MS-Word.

Since I fell in love with Google Docs long ago, I would propose a business model with a paid program to be offered by them to the universities which would include:

- Authenticated and timestamped locking of file - for submission.
- IPA and other symbol shortcuts.
- Group working with an admin of the doc (can lock out and override)
- Better version control and show diff.
- Better multi language control and defaults
. - Better tool for footnotes and bibliography, as well as table of contents.
- Folder management for learning groups. - On site backup, although content location is in cloud.

Anything else missing?

pashute, Nov 11 2020


       Or just get Google Wave back?
Inyuki, Nov 11 2020

       Could we retitle this idea “Give Google Docs feature parity with a competitor’s product” ?
kdf, Nov 11 2020


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