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grind cities and rain destruction on them
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Googlezilla is a partner program for Google Earth and, as the name suggests, is largely based on the actions of the iconic city destroying monster Godzilla.

To deploy and use Googlezilla, you must of course download the special edition of Google Earth that has the extra function which enables it to interact properly with the rampaging monster of your choice.

Next you choose your monster. There are a few variations, like length of lashing tail, fire or no fire breathing, skin colour and texture of scales, but there is enough to create a customised beast that can be saved for future use.

Now all that remains is to select any one of a number of cities with a 3D view in Google Earth, and set a pathway of destruction for your monster, then sit back as he tears a swathe of realistic devastation across some unsuspecting metropolis.

xenzag, Dec 23 2009

Attack 'zilla w/WWII bombers Google_20bomber
[swimswim, Dec 23 2009]


       Did you ever hear about the monster that would attack a SimCity if your smog was too excessive?   

       On the other hand this sounds like a way to provide maps for Godzilla: Unleashed for the PS2, which was a pretty impressive, destructive 'zilla-em-up. This had a number of Godzilla continuity monsters plus the one from the more modern American movie.   

       However none of these do exactly what you are asking for ...
Aristotle, Dec 23 2009

       back in college we had an idea to combine our favorite 3rd person melee games and school life, I was going to use a map editor to rebuild our campus buildings for a duke nukem map. the campus had lots of sniper positions, tunnels, air vents, big and small rooms, etc, it would have been a hoot!
Arcanus, Dec 23 2009


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