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Graffiti in the dark

Spray graffiti images in the dark
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Use a webcam to track a LED or other light point on top of a set of 2 airbrushes. One airbrush nozzle produces black, the other one white, mixed they produce a grayscale. The level of each colour is determined by the grayscale of a scanned image. Once the position of the point is detected in the webcam, that's why it's preferrably in the dark, the grayscale of the point in an image in the computer is determined and send through a remote control sender to a receiver/servo that determines the amount of opening of the black / white valve. Et voila, paint without seeing anything or beeing seen, appart from the point of light. Great for secretly overnight painting of Saddam Houssein's image on your neighbours wall!
hansw, May 11 2003


       Currently constructing this one, if it works I will also try a full colour version by using 5 airbrushes with cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white.
hansw, May 11 2003

       not sure if graffiti painting will go down too well here. however, this might (if it woiks) go down a treat for keeping the Forth Bridge painting going night and day or for painting lines on the road at the quieter time overnight. this has potential +1
po, May 11 2003

       I dunno. We received electronic graffiti quite well.
DrCurry, May 11 2003

       good point [kwailo78]!croissant this idear!
benlevi7, May 11 2003

       Surely you'd need to spend alot of time the previous day setting up the reciever/servo, more time then u would just doing the graffiti yourself?
Shenton, May 12 2003


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