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Wall printer

A wall of ramblings
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A big printer that stands at about 6ft high. The print heads move as normal, but instead of paper being fed through, the print heads move down the wall. Connect to a pc and ramble.

Type and print your thoughts about why you hate your boss, how you think the human race evolved, and why you have nothing better to do.
When you've finished one bit of wall, move the rig to another part until your house is like one big diary.

Parvenu, Nov 25 2002

Magic Paintbrush http://www.halfbake.../Magic_20Paintbrush
the handheld version, for shorter thoughts [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

Mural Printer http://www.halfbake...dea/Mural_20Printer
Already HalfBaked without the WIBNI aspect. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       do I really want to be reminded that I am having a blonde moment?
po, Nov 25 2002

       finally, i can stop buying crayons
ironfroggy, Nov 25 2002

       Already HalfBaked (without the mindreading part). Please search before posting. Welcome to the HalfBakery.
phoenix, Nov 25 2002

       It doesn't read anyone's mind. You just type your thoughts and it prints them right on to the wall. It's not a WIBNI (I did read the help file).
Parvenu, Nov 26 2002

       similar to the new idea for mural printer. for some reason I cannot comment on that one! ignore that, its fixed itself.
po, May 11 2003


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