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Grammar Scramblers

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There is a growing field called "Chatroom Forensics", where the imperceptible patterns of written speech is used to create a digital fingerprint. This allows for usage in identifying a person, even if they are behind tor.

Similar to Scrambler Suit in Scanner Darkly... The Grammar Scrambler, will constantly analyse your speech patterns, and attempts to continously modify it in a random fashion. Such that the content of the speech is preserved, but the digital fingerprint is scrambled.

The goal is to ensure that the noise is bigger than the signal (your fingerprint). This is via increasing the noise (randomising), or decreasing the signal (spellcheck)

Remember: SNR = Signal / Noise

Possible approaches.

* Detect typical amount of user misspelling, and introduce mispelling on other words (But best way is to prevent mispellings in the first place).

* Rearrange the grammar into something of a similar meaning. (e.g. A grammar synonym).

* Replace randomly, certain words with synonyms.

* Correct all mispellings and grammatical mistakes (but add a "_" next to it to signify that it has been corrected. Can be disabled if needed)

* Tokenize and the process your words, and provide a statistic score on how unique your current speaking style is. (It won't actively prevent you from getting caught, but it will provide feedback on how visible you are)

mofosyne, Aug 05 2014

The Budding Science of Chatroom Forensics http://motherboard....-chatroom-forensics
[mofosyne, Aug 05 2014]


       I was going to bun this for its intrisic irritation value such a program would bring to the table. I chuckled at the thought of the choleric rage of the user, seeing the nonsensical modifications the program made with his carefully wrought prose.   

       Then I realized I already had the proposed program in the form of the voice recognition software I use.
bungston, Aug 05 2014

       [+] sure. It'd take quite a bit of forethought to make sure what you write is what's going to be read.
FlyingToaster, Aug 05 2014


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