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Grammar Sheet Language

Making it easy to modify your compiler
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This is abstracting the input and output sequences defined within a compiler and placing them in a "Grammer Sheet".
madness, Jun 07 2006


       Title spelling corrected from "grammer" to "grammar". If there's a joke there that I overlooked, just tell me.   

       Compiler generators and machine-readable grammars in general are widely known to exist. Do you know "yacc"? How is this different?
jutta, Jun 07 2006

       A compiler generator outputs a binary executable (the compiler) that takes text file input and creates binary output. In this case there is no intermediate compiler.
madness, Jun 07 2006

       Although this idea is so insufficiently described as to merit a bone for laziness, the idea itself is in fact quite sensible but utterly baked, if my guess as to what he meant is correct. There are several compiler writing systems where the back-end code generation is described in terms of register transfer notation thus avoiding the need to write a custom code generator. and as has been mentioned, the parsers are pretty much all written using tools that could be vaguely described as a 'grammar sheet'. If madness would care to elaborate with some concrete and original ideas, I might retract the bun. Of course it would help if he showed at least some peripheral awareness of how a compiler works.
gtoal, Apr 25 2008


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