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Interpretive Dance Interpreter

Scripting in the universal language of dance
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Interpretive Dance Interpreter (IDI) is a new, interpreted scripting language that is written through the physical expression of beauteous emotive joy, pain, love, fear, anger, class definitions, loops, data structures, and algorithms.

Very useful as an administrative tool because it includes built-in libraries to address systems issues like backing up a mail system (crouching and on your toes), logging output to a file (repeatedly, bending and straightening arms forward and to the right), even rebooting (the "human corkscrew"), and so on.

Comments are not necessary because the language is so self-explanatory that it touches the very depths of our souls. Best practices include stretching beforehand to reduce cramping.

blowfish, Nov 10 2005

Tech Support Mimes Tech_20Support_20Mimes
[wagster, Nov 10 2005]


       There are extant dance choreography scripting languages and systems out there.   

       Oh, wait... I see what you are driving at. You want to use whole body motion as an input and interaction method with a computing system. Hmmm. Interesting.   

       Isn't there a Playstation game out that uses a limited form of whole-body motion as an interaction method?
bristolz, Nov 10 2005

       I want to see a team of tech support mimes trying to explain to a choreographer/programmer why their IDI isn't working as expected. (link)
wagster, Nov 10 2005

       so if i'd try to implement the interpreter actually using the universal scripting language of dance, would it do to just clap my hands two times ?   

       that's a [+] if i ever saw one
sweet, Nov 11 2005

       ([Gamma48] takes four steps to the right, turns around twice, and stretches arms out while slowly falling to the floor)
Gamma48, May 24 2009


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