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Puts the "coffin" in cacophony.
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A squeezable, breathable coffin studded with pipes, played by the pallbearers working in close synchrony as they carry the deceased on their final trip. Gets lowered into a larger, more traditionally airtight casket that's already been pre-lowered into the grave before the ceremony.
21 Quest, Aug 22 2023


       The headstone could be mounted on a pivot with the underground part pressing against the inner coffin, so as to allow mourners to visit and re-visit the grave and play a little tune
pocmloc, Aug 22 2023

       Did you inhale?
minoradjustments, Aug 22 2023

       I thought this was about Gilgul Mehilot, the concept that in the future-to-come the dead will come to life in the land of Israel by going through a system of underground tunnels.   

       According to legend, some of these tunnels were secretly found and someone had milk and honey in Europe which he secretly received. I forgot the details.
pashute, Aug 22 2023

       [pashute] are you sure that wasn't the London Underground? Your description seems remarkably similar.
pocmloc, Aug 22 2023

       Like being burried in a set of bagpipes that doubles up as a coffin - there must be other instruments just crying out to be converted for similar purpose. [+]
xenzag, Aug 22 2023

       I'm thinking drums.... a play on doldrums, perhaps?
21 Quest, Aug 22 2023

       Okay, this is way too surrealistic to have been thought of while awake, this appeared to you in a dream right? [+]
doctorremulac3, Aug 23 2023

       Nope, it's just a horrible pun. Puts the "coffin" in "cacophony" get it?
21 Quest, Aug 23 2023

       I am no necrologist, but doesn't the process of decomposition of a body result in the production of gas? And if it does, could the corpse containing concertina coffin be designed to slowly squeeze flat, forcing corpsegas through the drone pipes that flow from coffin, through soil, to the gravetop?
calum, Aug 24 2023

       //I am no necrologist// - I find that very hard to believe
hippo, Aug 24 2023

       Alternately, as some of the decomposition gas is flammable perhaps a very thin tube might extend to the ground surface; a graveyard at night with little blue flames would be very soothing.
whatrock, Aug 24 2023

       21 quest: "This will set a new record for dark humor!"   

       Calum: "Hold my beer."
doctorremulac3, Aug 24 2023

       Ha! Good ol Calum.
21 Quest, Aug 24 2023

       We could also harvest some noise from the air displacement as the coffin lowers into its final resting place.
daseva, Aug 24 2023

       You will NOT go quietly into that good night.
21 Quest, Aug 24 2023

       I thought this would be a pipe from the coffin allowing degassing corpses to play a happy little melody.
Voice, Aug 28 2023


       Slip a goodly amount of calcium carbide into the coffin and over time, acetylene gas would be produced leading to drone pipe noise as well as the possibility of an explosion.   

       A veritable double-dunter.
DenholmRicshaw, Aug 28 2023

       I feel like 8th would like to have gone that way.
21 Quest, Aug 28 2023


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