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More genetic enhancements for future fashion
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Here is an idea for anyone who likes the sun...these wings would be engineered to your back, not for flight, but like giant leaves. Filled with chloroplasts these wings take the C02 and Water from your blood and combine it with sunlight to create carbohydrates...no need for food as long as you stay at the beach
coldshade, Sep 25 2001

Symbiotic Cloroplasts http://www.halfbake...iotic_20Cloroplasts
Probably what Steve DeGroof remembers. [jutta, Sep 25 2001]


       It just might be easier to genetically engineer a permanent suntan. But I note that you were watching London Fashion Week.
snagger, Sep 25 2001

       Boned. 'Wouldn't it be neat if genetic engineering'...
StarChaser, Sep 29 2001

       Maybe, but it's just a delightful little mental picture of the cute pixie chick with leaf-wings and a fur-and-chainmail bikini. :)
Chrontius, Dec 07 2004

       I think the question here becomes whether or not to use suntan lotion. I'd probably snack a bit in order to keep my wings from burning.
Worldgineer, Dec 07 2004

       there goes the cabbage backs - they think theyre sooo cool. poncing about the beach with their green wings and total disregard for food. come on lets go swipe their moth repellant - that'll show em.
benfrost, Dec 08 2004

       How big and heavy would these need to be to replace the energy from food? You might need to go into a special trance to minimise energy use. As an alternative to genetic engineering, graft large leaves to the skin and add filters.
caspian, Dec 09 2004


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