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Lizard Neck Body Accessory

Get the ladies and look cool doing it.
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I've always noticed the way small lizards perch on trees, cock their heads up and down, and extend and retract the brightly-colored flap of skin on their throat. They do this to attract the lizard ladies, pass the time, and look cool doing it.

If you've envied those little reptiles as I have and want to look good for that potential someone in your life, you'll surely be interested in the ReptoNeck.

Until our crack team of geneticists can work out an ingrown version, the ReptoNeck discreetely attatches to your throat with makeup glue. Then a series of pulleys attatched to your Adam's apple extend the brightly-colored flap (available in six designer colors and plaid), and a spring retracts it.

Just lay on the beach, cock your neck up and down, gently extend and retract the flap and you're sure to get new attention.

joeforker, Jul 21 2004

body-mod gizzard http://www.jimgoad....chives/00000167.htm
[xclamp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Well, it’s worth a try, lizard man. (+)
ldischler, Jul 21 2004

       A lovely match with "Tails for All", but lame nevertheless. <sigh>
ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 21 2004

       Sounds cool I have never had a date with a lizard
tasman, Jul 21 2004

       might look like this. (link)
xclamp, Jul 21 2004

       I can only think of one person who'd buy this...
Chrontius, Nov 01 2004

       This is bizzare...the type of women you would attract with this will most likely be the ones you least want.   

       And I believe us humans are slightly more sopisticated and less primative than the common instinctive non-communicative reptile no?   

       You're right about one thing...if you sat on the beach with one of these things attached to your neck you would indeed attract attention...i'll give you that
shinobi, Jun 23 2005

       could be used as a form of punishment perhaps
shinobi, Jun 23 2005


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